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“TricksToGo” is an app that was created by a team of four students during a workshop. This application shows the user a countdown of remaining days before vacation and gives one tip per day that depends on the destination of his trip.

Logo research
Look for an idea

Before the workshop, we already made an interview of someone working. Meeting professionals helped us to understand them better and to reveal several problems which they meet in their activity.

Then, we started to think individually about what could improve the daily lives of workers. Different ideas came to our minds : identify parking spaces near the workplace, indicate waiting time for snacks around the worker, making a sport application for breaks ...

We had a few great ideas but what is more motivating than seeing that there are only a few days left before the holidays ?

Try & rethink

After being validated, we tried to imagine an application fast and easy to use everyday. Our goal was to offer the user a motivating and user-friendly application.

We made quick wireframes but during the user testing, we detected several contradictions. Users didn’t click were we expected to access the triks so we added a button only for the first visit of the app to guide the user.

First wireframes
Color scheme
Reboot factory icons
Imagine & create

Our application is based on the material design. Flat colors, simple and refined icons seemed perfect to achieve both a simple and dynamic design.

After trying a lot of options for our 4 icons, we finally chose to use different declinations in our design.

For our logo, we wanted something which that recalls our holidays. I started by listing everything that reminds it to us. The first tracks weren’t really what we expected because it didn’t evoke the countdown aspect. Then, we decided to combine a clock and a sun in our logo.

The first designs we created formed an inconsistent whole because we all did a small part to go faster. Therefore, we tried to restore coherence between the different pages.

We replaced white backgrounds by a shade darker than the header for each sreen and we decided not to give the choice of the color to the user anymore.

Logos Reboot factory
Design of the application
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